Natal Charts

The most basic Astrology chart is the Natal chart. This is where the planets (and the Sun and Moon) were, relative to Earth, for a particular moment, usually a person’s birth. It can also be the incorporation of a business, the marriage between two people, or a new major product or event.

An acorn can become an oak tree, then an oak tree forest. Like the acorn, this moment contains all the necessary information for the charts to come. There are several charts that can be used in addition to the Natal chart. Here is where we can see the end in the beginning.

The Natal (related to birth) chart is the moment and place of birth. ‘Moment’ means the hour and minute. ‘Place’ means the (nearest big) city and state or country. (US locations use the International locations use the country.) My software program will convert this to Longitude and Latitude plus the local Time Zone. It also requires a first name and a last name to save the chart. I don’t care what name you use. I will return the chart to you in the same way you sent me the birth data. If you send me your birth information via email, I will return it that way.

I see Astrology as a spiritual practice. It takes all of us to make up humanity. I do charge for my services, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please make a donation of what it is worth to you. If you have the means, consider contributing an extra amount for our scholarship fund. All amounts are deeply appreciated and accepted. Thank you.