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There are many misconceptions about astrology, horoscopes, zodiacs, zodiac signs and constellations. Actual physical astrology charts and maps, based on science, help you make decisions. The information presented below is accurate, factual and verifiable.

Astrology is a circular chart of the planets in our solar system, as seen from Earth, for a particular time. This information can also be shown as lines on a map of the Earth. With an accurate birth time, astrology forecasts are about eighty percent accurate. Horoscopes are fiction.

Branches of Astrology

Natal Chart

The most basic Astrology chart is the Natal chart. This is where the planets (ad the Moon) were for a particular moment, usually a person’s birth. It can also be the incorporation of a business, the marriage between two people, or a new major product or event.

An acorn can become an oak tree, then an oak tree forest. Like the acorn, this moment contains all the necessary information for the charts to come. There are several charts that can be used in addition to the Natal chart.

Normally, the planets are placed around the chart in relation to the Earth. This is geocentric astrology and we use this because we live on the Earth. However, a Sun-centered or Heliocentric Astrology is also sometimes used. This is a spiritual interpretation. As such, it is more often a special request or sometimes suggested by the Astrologer when other methods don’t seem to be helping.

The natal chart is a chart for the birth of someone or something. This astrology chart is most accurate with a correct birth time. The time is important because the earth 24, 901 miles around at the equator and spins completely in 24 hours, which means the earth is spinning faster than 1,000 miles per hour.

New Century chart. This is an example of an astrology natal chart for the beginning of 2022.
New Century

Relationship chart

Comparison charts are made for understanding relationships and making predictions. Two charts are aligned concentrically so they can be compared. This is useful for relationships because it is fairly easy to see the ways that two people interact. Relationship charts are often termed “Synastry“.

The Relationship chart shows the relationship between two people Their charts are aligned concentrically and this makes it easy to see the relationship between their planets. The most important parts to look for are the Sun-Moon aspects and the Venus-Mars aspects for romantic relationships.

Relationship chart. This is an example of an astrology chart for two people, sometimes called a synastry chart.
Relationship Chart

Transits Chart

The Natal chart is a moment frozen in time. However, the planets continue to move around the Sun. Where they are in the current time is called their transits. This is one of the easy ways Astrologers can make predictions. When the Sun returns to the Sun’s place in the Natal chart, there is usually increased physical energy and general well-being – a happy birthday!

Saturn will take much longer to complete one revolution around the chart. Saturn orbits the Sun in about 28+ years. When Saturn returns to it’s original place, it’s called a ‘Saturn Return‘ and the experience is usually a sobering reflection on ones’ life. Other planets will move around the chart at differing speeds.

Transit chart. This is an example of a chart for two times and shows the original natal chart with current planet placements. This is how predictions are made.
A comparison chart is used to show the relationship dynamics between two people and also to make predictions. This chart shows the years 2000 and the current time. Chart by Randy

Secondary Progression

A similar chart to Transits is the Secondary Progression. This is a calculated chart based on each day after your birth counting for one year of your life. ‘For each day a year’. There is very little physics behind this calculation and Astrologers would not use it except that it really works. These two charts compliment each other. While the Secondary Progression shows trends in the faster moving planets, the Natal chart shows trends in the slower moving planets.

Natal-Progression chart, showing both the Natal Chart and the Progressed Chart in the same image. Chart by Randy

Location Astrology

This is one of the most powerful tools of Astrology.The same information in the Natal chart can be shown as a map. Relocation is made easy by seeing the patterns in different locations around the world. Critics often say Astrology is limited because one can’t do anything about their chart. This is one way a person can change their life.

Simply put: if you don’t like your chart where you are, you can move to another location and change your chart. While you cannot change the time of your birth, you can change where you live. This rotates the Astrology chart, this moves the planets into a different relationship and changes the interpretation.

Astrology map. Also called Location Astrology map. This is an example of where the planets cross the meridians for noon, midnight, sunrise and sunset.
A Natal Map is the same information as a Natal Chart, but the information is presented as lines on the Earth instead of angles from the Earth. This Map is for the New Century of 2000. Map by Randy

PlanetPatterns is the book that describes your experience under each line. This book used to be available through Amazon and other locations. This book was first published in 2004. This book is now available only on

72 Pages of World Influence

The ebook is 72 pages altogether, covers the four locations (Rising, Noon, Setting, and Midnight) of the Sun, Moon, and all the planets, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto (yes, for our purposes Pluto is a planet).

85 World Locations

Altogether, there are 85 different locations identified in this book. The Sun, Moon and the eight planets are listed with four locations for each light or planet. These four locations are the Rising, Noon, Setting and Midnight angles for each light and planet.

40 Major Planet Lines

This gives us the 40 major lines. The 40 major planet lines are in every chart and therefore in every individual map. There are also 45 combinations where the lines cross. These are unique and exotic locations particular to each individual.

45 Unique Combinations

The book also describes the 45 unique and special Combinations, the locations when two lines cross. Since the Sun lines crossing a Jupiter line indicates the same qualities as a Jupiter line crossing a Sun line, the crossing is described only once. (Not all of these combinations are possible in all maps, it depends upon your individual birth chart.)

Planet Patterns book, 72 pp. This book was written by Randall West and includes descriptions of the effects and experiences for each of the lines in the Location Astrology map, including 40 lines and 45 crossing lines.
PlanetPatterns, a book by Randall G. West, originally published in 2004. This book is 72 pages and includes the 85 different unique lines (40 lines and 45 combinations) and combinations for PlanetPatterns around the globe. Photo by Randy.

Relationship Astrology

C.G. Jung was the perfect researcher for this data because he was not seeking to prove Astrology and also had no prejudice against it. When he found 96.7 percent accuracy with it, he changed his methods and ran the experiment again. The result was the same, and he felt like it looked like he made up the numbers. He tried this again and again. He wrestled with this dilemma. Eventually, he coined the term “Synchronicity“, meaning unrelated events connected by a correlation in time.

Other Branches

Horary Astrology

A ‘horary’ chart is a specialized branch of Astrology. This is named for the hour a question is asked and understood. When a horary Astrology is asked a question and understands that question, they make a note of the time. By following the specific rules of Horary Astrology, this chart will contain the answer to that question.

This illustrates the principle that the question always contains the answer. It may also shed light on the often noticed event in science that two individuals will have the same idea at the same time, often separated by distance or language and unaware of the other.

Rectification Astrology

The Astrology chart shows predictions clearly enough that a birth chart can be ‘reverse engineered’ based on life events. When a person of sufficient age is lacking a time of birth, a Rectification Astrologer can use life events to establish the time of birth that predicts those events. This is most easily accomplished when the individual already knows the birth day, but it can be more powerful than that.

There are some very skilled Astrologers who can find the birth data with very little data. Vedic Astrologers are best at this. In one example, a woman with a birth date of August 19, 1936 found that her real birthday was actually October 13, 1932. This date was later verified absolutely and this information brought her great peace.

Vedic Astrology

The primary difference between Vedic Astrology, practiced in India and the Astrology used by Western culture is the zodiac.The astrology used in India is much older than Western forms. While there are some minor disagreements between the two branches, there are very clear predictions from Vedic Astrology.

Heliocentric Astrology

Sun-centered, or Heliocentric Astrology is distinct from GeoCentric or “Earth Centered” Astrology. Heliocentric Astrology is made from the perspective of the Sun and it’s purpose shows the spiritual life.

Astrology Aspects


The relationships between the Sun and Moon in relationship charts is highly predictive for long-term relationships. The Moon person sees the best in the Sun person. When this aspect is mutual, and both see the best in each other, the chances for a long marriage are very good. This was one of the most striking conclusions by C. G. Jung and published in his book, Synchronicity.


The relationship between Venus and Mars is important in personal relationship charts and is regarded as highly physical. When these two planets are in aspect, there is a strong physical attraction between the two people. One aspect is enough for attraction. This is even stronger when the aspect is mutual.

Astrology Basics

Astrology 101

Very simply, people whose charts have most planets below the horizon are introverts and those with most planets above the horizon are extroverts. When most planets are on the left side, the person is self-reliant. Those with most planets on the right side are more social. They are the ones who do things for others and have things done for them by others in return.

Astrology 102

The angles, called aspects, between the planets will determine which are working together and which ones are negotiating with each other. Nearly everyone has some of both types of aspects in their chart. Those without any challenging aspects usually wind up in prison because they weren’t limited or challenged.

Native Aspects

The conjunctions, trines and sextiles are working together. These are the things that you already know or have. These are your skills and abilities. These are the tools you can use to learn about the ones you don’t yet have. I have seen people get a degree in an area they know, yet seek work in an area they don’t yet know for the challenge. They get the degree because it’s easy. But easy doesn’t bring satisfaction. This is why they seek challenge.

Challenging Aspects

The oppositions, inconjuncts and squares are negotiating a truce or partnership with each other. These are the things you are learning. There is a tendency to want to judge these as negative aspects. That doesn’t help. Instead, focus on what about this can work better. This is why you are here.

Astrology 103

There is a timing to everything. When we are young, we don’t have much patience. We want things Now! As we mature, we can see the wisdom of the seasons and appreciate the harvest. As we gain patience, we can see the end within the beginning. With a little effort we can see the “fullness of time” in the beginning stages. This helps us appreciate much more.

Get Your Chart

Knowing your Natal Astrology is the basis for self understanding. A correct birth time is important for an accurate chart. However, the process of Rectification which reverse-engineers your birth time based on the predictions for your life, is very useful. You can start with a general time and refine it as you gain more information.

Rectification is a specialty that is beyond my expertise. However, it is possible to narrow down the birth time and even get very close to an accurate birth time with some general information and the normal tools. Let’s talk if you are interested.