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“Write Your Own Horoscope”

Hi. My name is Randy. In the beginning, I made my own chart. And then it quickly spread to charts for my family, friends and then – truthfully – it quickly became a way to meet and talk with beautiful young women.

Learning about people

OK. I was all of 16 at the time and, to be honest, I was a little shy. I still am. Today we would call me an active introvert. Talking with the women I wanted to meet about the details of their lives was intriguing, a little intimidating, and enlightening. Of course, they had to tell me their real age, because a fake birthday would give them useless results. That lead to honesty in other areas of their lives. Soon we were talking about what really mattered to them.

Saying things I didn’t know I knew

I learned a lot about people, a lot about Astrology, and a little about myself. One of the most interesting parts of giving an Astrology reading was intuition. I would get into ‘a zone’ and would say things that I didn’t know I knew. By combining the basic raw concepts together I had to come up with an example or way to say it in a sentence. Often this came out as a revelation about their past in a surprising way. Other times it came out as a prediction. Tarot readers have also experienced this phenomena.

Accurate Predictions

I once told a woman with a stellium in Gemini involving Venus that she would be engaged to two men at the same time. It wasn’t long before this happened! No one was more surprised than I was when she called me to tell me the news. I don’t know how she handled that experience, but the feedback gave me the confidence to continue.

Write Your Own Horoscope

The way this began was a coincidence. As a teenager, my part-time job was to work at the department store near where I lived. My job was mostly cleaning and carrying out odd jobs. One of the areas of the store sold books. One day a book caught my eye and the price was only fifty cents. It was ‘Write Your Own Horoscope‘ by Joseph F. Goodavage. The book was about Astrology, despite the misuse of the term horoscope. It turns out that that one book launched the careers of the Astrologers in my generation. It would be worth real money today because it was a very popular collectable first edition. However, I moved a lot and I lost it somewhere along the way.

Have your chart made

Life is about self-discovery. Astrology is a clear part of that for me. Every chart is unique and everyone is different. There is room for all points of view. Some people believe in Astrology, some use it as a tool for greater understanding (as do I), and other people scoff at it. No problem. It takes all types and all are welcome. Prejudices for something are just as bad as prejudices against something, or anything, in my view.

How to order

This website is about how you can have your chart made, how you can learn the basics about Astrology, and how you can use this information to make some informed decisions. In each section, there are some easy to use tools, some basic information, and a few recommendations. I hope you enjoy it.

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