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Progression charts and maps are the most useful tool in Astrology. And they are the most difficult charts and maps to explain. I would not use them, except that they work. They work exceptionally well. I just don’t know why exactly, and I cannot explain it. I will try.

Charts vs. Maps

Maps are a lot more complicated than Charts. The information is exactly the same except that it is shown differently. Instead of the planets outside with the Earth implied in the middle of the circle, the planets are shown on a Mercator projection Map in four places. These four places represent the locations where the planets are strongest: the angles. These angles are the four times of the day: Rising, Noon, Setting and Midnight.

What Progression charts are

Progression Charts are calculated based on the simple formula: “each day for a year”. It says in scripture (The Bible) several places, to count each day for a year. This doesn’t refer to Astrology, nor does it explain anything. But when we move the Natal chart forward one year for each day of a person’s life, we discover extraordinary patterns.

Progression vs. Transit

A Progression Chart is almost opposite to a Transit Chart in several ways. In a Transit Chart, the major changes come from the “slow moving” outer planets. This is because the Sun, Mercury, Venus and of course, the Moon move around much too fast to show longer changes. In contrast, in a Progression, the “fast planets” don’t move at all, and the slower planets make the changes.

Progression and Transit

This gives us a rich and complimentary picture of a life, with long-term trends and potentials for growth shown in two dimensions. This means that both charts are extremely useful to show strengths and areas of contrast that are useful in living a spiritual life.

To receive a progression chart, you must enter the progression date in the Notes field.

Please guess if you don’t know. You can update this later.

The large city nearest your birth place, if not on the map.

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