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Comparison charts are made for understanding relationships and making predictions. Two charts are aligned concentrically so they can be compared. This is useful for relationships because it is fairly easy to see the ways that two people interact. Relationship charts are often termed “Synastry“.

The Relationship chart shows the relationship between two people Their charts are aligned concentrically and this makes it easy to see the relationship between their planets. The most important parts to look for are the Sun-Moon aspects and the Venus-Mars aspects for romantic relationships.


The Sun-Moon aspects of any kind mean the Moon person sees the best in the Sun person. When this is one-sided, we have a stalker. When there are mutual Son-Moon aspects, this is a recipe for a long-term relationship, regardless of other factors.

C. G. Jung discovered this by accident, and it bothered him for decades. He finally coined the term “Synchronicity” to describe his findings and wrote up his findings in a book of the same name. There are three sections to this book. The second section is devoted entirely to his findings.

The relationships between the Sun and Moon in relationship charts is highly predictive for long-term relationships. The Moon person sees the best in the Sun person. When this aspect is mutual, and both see the best in each other, the chances for a long marriage are very good. This was one of the most striking conclusions by C. G. Jung and published in his book, Synchronicity.


The Venus-Mars aspects are physical attraction. Almost any aspect between these planets indicates a strong attraction. This by itself doesn’t guarantee a long-term relationship, but it does mean it will be memorable.

In both sets of aspects, the “positive” aspects (the trine – 120 degrees and the sextile – 60 degrees) are considered the best. However, the “negative” aspects between positive planets in a relationship usually is a strong indicator of relationship. Consider couples who have a disagreement. They usually resolve the issue, and how they “make up.”

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