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The Natal chart is a moment frozen in time. However, the planets continue to move around the Sun. Where they are in the current time is called their transits. Transit Charts are one of the easy ways Astrologers can make predictions. When the Sun returns to the Sun’s place in the Natal chart, there is usually increased physical energy and general well-being – a happy birthday!

Transit Returns

Saturn will take much longer to complete one revolution around the chart. Saturn orbits the Sun in about 28+ years. When Saturn returns to it’s original place, it’s called a ‘Saturn Return‘ and the experience is usually a sobering reflection on ones’ life. Other planets will move around the chart at differing speeds.

Made for ‘Now’

A Transit Chart is typically made for ‘Now’. However, a chart for any event and any time is possible. Most of the time, Astrologers receive requests from people who are having difficulties in their life. And, most often, this involves an area of their life, such as health, career, relationship or security. These are the four main areas that people have concerns about – and it’s happening now.

By looking at the person’s chart with where the planets are now, the Astrologer can often see the problem. This usually shows up as a planet in direct conjunction or aspect to one of their planets relating to this concern.

The Astrologer can usually do two things right away.

First, Get Accurate Information

The first thing an Astrologer can do is the get accurate information and make the chart. By looking at the chart, the Astrologer may need to ask questions to make sure the Natal chart is reasonably accurate. Sometimes, the transit is improving the accuracy of the chart by its’ timing. This is because a planet moving into the House of relationship can only happen if a person was born earlier or later. This is known as Rectification. It’s one of the tools used in establishing an accurate time of birth.

Second, Find the Timing

One of the biggest things an Astrologer can do is to give the person some perspective about their problem. Is this a short-term difficulty or a long-term chronic problem? Astrology is a ‘time-machine‘ and this will tell exactly how long the transit will last. Just knowing whether this is a short-term challenge or a long-term struggle can help a lot.

Third, Finding the Answer

Both of these can help in finding the answer. Just getting a better perspective will point to better options. Sometimes the answer is obvious by looking at the chart. Sometimes, the particular transit will point out the solution. Sometimes, there are other resources for dealing with the problem.

How to Order

Any astrology chart or map requires some personal information:

  1. Your first name and last name. Actually, I don’t care what name you use, but my software requires first and last name fields to be filled with something. If you are a private person, you can use any name that’s not already in my database, that you and I can remember.
  2. Birth date (Month, Day and Year), spell out the month and add four numbers for the year, please. This is because many places put the month first and the date second, and many other places put the date first and the month second. Also some places put the year first, which changes the first two!
  3. Birth time. Again, to be clear about AM and PM, please use 24 hour time. Some people get confused about AM and PM (Midnight is 12:00 AM and Noon is 12:00 PM, think of 12:01 as 00:01).
  4. Place of birth. This is because at the same moment, different parts of the world are oriented differently. For example: 12:00 PM in San Francisco, is 1:00 PM in Santa Fe, 2:00 PM in Chicago and 3:00 PM in New York, and 2:00 AM in Danang, Vietnam. If your place of birth is unincorporated or tiny, please use a city large enough to be listed on a map. If you are a private person, the nearest large city will be accurate enough.

You can send this information through our contact page, or you can send this information through the signup form when you create a free lifetime account below.

To receive a transit chart, you must add the date for the transit in the Notes field.

Please guess if you don’t know. You can update this later.

The large city nearest your birth place, if not on the map.

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