Astrology is Spiritual Science

I see Astrology as a spiritual practice. It takes all of us to make up humanity. I do charge for my services, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please make a donation of what it is worth to you. If you have the means, consider contributing an extra amount for others through our scholarship fund. All amounts are deeply appreciated and accepted.

Natal ChartDonate
Transit (requires Natal Chart)Donate
Progression (requires Natal Chart)Donate
Natal Map (requires Natal Chart)Donate
Transit Map (requires Natal Chart)Donate
Progression Map (requires Natal Chart)Donate
Consult (per hour, requires Natal Chart)Donate
Scholarship (Pay it forward)Donate

The Donate link will say “Synergy Alliance, LLC” and show products as Bytique hosting. That’s me.

Fees Table

Order Charts and Maps here

Use this PayPal button to order. If you have problems, please use the contact page.

Thank you.

Please guess if you don’t know. You can update this later.

The large city nearest your birth place, if not on the map.

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